Pattu Dress for Baby Girl

We offer a charming collection of girls' dresses, including Pattu Langa sets, perfect for various occasions. These sets combine traditional South Indian attire with contemporary designs, making them perfect for special occasions like baby girls' first birthdays. The range includes Voni sets and adorable Pattu Pavadai for newborns and toddlers, reflecting the rich heritage of South Indian dress for baby girls.

Our collection celebrates craftsmanship and quality, featuring intricately designed garments with simple Aari work. The Pattu Langa blouse blends modern trends with timeless beauty. We understand the importance of finding the perfect outfit for milestones like a baby's first birthday, offering a unique blend of tradition and glamour to make your baby girl look royal.

Prince N Princess provides a user-friendly online shopping experience for Pattu Langa dresses, allowing users to easily select the right size and design. The platform offers a collection of high-quality Pattu Pavadai sets, allowing users to adorn their baby girl in traditional clothing. The cultural charm and beauty of these garments are celebrated, allowing users to cherish moments with their princess and celebrate tradition and elegance.

Traditional South Indian pattu pavadai from new born to 13 Years in Raw Silk and banarasi silk fabric.

Prince N Princess is exclusive online and offline store for unique collections of Pattu pavadai. Order now and get it delivered to your door steps.